The Staff at I Drive-DFW would like to welcome you to our all Indoor Showroom in Ft Worth, Texas. We are a one of a kind way to shop for your next vehicle.

Our handpicked staff has over 50 years in automotive industry. We are long term industry Finance, Sales and General Managers that realized the business does not have to be so difficult. From creative finance and lease options, to chasing down that one of a kind vehicle, we are your store.

We are proud to offer retail and fleet options. With our partnerships with all large banking institutions, we can handle your needs. From a daily commuter to an inexpensive cash car, to a new car lease, to 500 fleet trucks/trailers/cab overs/big rigs for your business, we have your solution.

I Drive-DFW is all about customer service. We are your Concierge in the auto business. Our staff will deliver your vehicle to your home or office. We also offer you Franchise/Manufacturer Service Contracts among other products to offset your liability cost associated with vehicle ownership. All of our products are accepted by Franchise Service Departments, as well as your favorite ASC Certified Mechanic.

Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you’ve had, you can count on our dedicated staff to ensure the best buying experience possible.